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Toby Hemenway – A Culture that is Disconnected from Nature goes Insane!

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Modern agriculture, industry and finance all extract more than they give back, and the Earth is starting to show the strain. How did we get in this mess? – Toby Hemenway

About the author and speaker Toby Hemenway

 Toby Hemenway portrait 150x150 Toby Hemenway   A Culture that is Disconnected from Nature goes Insane!Toby Hemenway is an American author and educator who has written extensively on permaculture and ecological issues. He is the author of Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture. (Wikipedia)

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, for the last eight years has been the best-selling permaculture book in the world. Toby Hemenway, its author, was awarded the Nautilus Gold Medal in 2011.

Toby has presented lectures and workshops at major sustainability conferences such as Bioneers, SolFest, and EcoFarm, and in many universities

Redesigning Civilization — with Permaculture

I love this quote in this lecture: “A culture that is disconnected from Nature goes insane. There is no such a thing as a Sustainable Agriculture system!”   – Toby Hemenway

And this remarkable observation was quoted by Toby in the lecture as well: If you think it that your sustenance comes from your job, your store or your tab, you will defend that system to the death. And if you think that it comes from the land, you’ll defend THAT to the death! – Derek Jensen


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3 Responses to “Toby Hemenway – A Culture that is Disconnected from Nature goes Insane!”

  1. ossa60 says:

    This was a very valuable and wonderful presentation but please never ever take mother Theresa as an example of anything good! Thank you very much.

  2. MsSloopyLopez says:

    A more important aspect of this video is it’s power to raise awareness and help build an informed citizenry – in my opinion.

  3. Manifest Destiny says:

    Great Stuff, and very well stated. Although, the Pyramids at Giza are not necessarily monuments or “Bigger Monuments” According to the artifacts found in and around the sites and the technology used, it is some kind of machine. Anyway, that’s another topic. Thanks for the share!

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